Job Search Advice – Ask Chad about Careers, Part 4

Ask Chad about Careers, Part 4  |

By Chad Sowash  |  chief experience officer at RecruitMilitary and a former infantry drill sergeant in the United States Army  |

Published in the September/October 2010 issue of print Search & Employ®  | 

Employers are looking for veterans to hire, but what exactly are they looking for, and what do they believe veterans bring to the table? A poll conducted by The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and dated June 23, 2010, might shed a little light. Below are some data from the poll, which was titled “Employing Military Personnel and Recruiting Veteran – Attitudes and Practices”—followed by my own comments:

“In your experience, do you think each of the following benefits hiring employees with military experience?”

SHRM Poll: 97% strong sense of responsibility.

Chad says: Responsibility is not an option when lives are at stake.

SHRM Poll: 96% ability to work under pressure.

Chad says: Try working under mortar fire.

SHRM Poll: 92% ability to see a task through to completion.

Chad says: It’s called a mission, and we complete THE MISSION.

SHRM Poll: 91% strong leadership skills.

Chad says: The military builds leaders and does this through some of the best leadership schools in the world.

SHRM Poll: 91% high degree of professionalism.

Chad says: Military customs and courtesies are taught, observed, and are part of everyday life.

SHRM Poll: 90% strong problem-solving skills.

Chad says: Problems always arise, but the mission still needs to be completed.

SHRM Poll: 89% ability to multi-task.

My response: “SHOOT, MOVE, and COMMUNICATE. “ Need I say more?

SHRM Poll: 88% ability to adapt to changing situations quickly.

Chad says: Kick down a door, and things seem to change rapidly—so this is a necessity in today’s military.

SHRM Poll: 86% positive impact on the image of their organization.

Chad says: Who doesn’t want responsible leaders who are focused on problem-solving to complete the task at hand?

All of the aforementioned attributes that employers WANT can be emphasized on a resume. Employers already BELIEVE you have these attributes, but you need to demonstrate that you DO have them. How? Provide examples and stories  about your responsibilities, your ability to complete the mission, and all of the areas important to hiring companies.

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