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“CSX Transportation provides a crucial link to the transportation supply chain through its approximately 21,000 route-mile rail network, which serves every major population center in 23 states east of the Mississippi River, the District of Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec,” said Steve Toomey, manager of military recruiting and a former lieutenant in the United States Navy. “It serves 70 ocean, river and lake ports along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, the Mississippi River, the Great Lakes, and the St. Lawrence Seaway. CSX also serves thousands of production and distribution facilities through track connections to more than 230 short-line and regional railroads.”

In addition, CSX Intermodal (CSXI) is one of the nation’s largest coast-to-coast intermodal transportation providers, connecting customers to railroads via trucks and terminals. Containers and trailers are loaded and unloaded from trains, and trucks provide the bridge between intermodal terminals and customers.

Toomey said that career opportunities at CSX include many craft and management positions such as freight conductors, signal workers, track workers, and management training candidates for Roadmaster and Trainmaster.

“CSX has needs throughout the eastern United States, including Selkirk/Albany, Baltimore, Richmond, Atlanta, and our headquarters in Jacksonville,” Toomey noted.
Toomey and CSX have had quite a bit of success hiring veterans. “CSX has long been recognized as a military friendly organization. In fact, one of every four CSX employees is also a veteran,” Toomey said. “CSX has won several employment awards, including both the American Legion and VFW National Military Employment Organization of the Year. CSX has a dedicated military recruiting staff that works with military transition programs, state veteran employment officers, and many veteran-related organizations.”

Toomey says safety is one reason that veterans make ideal employees. “Veterans make sense at CSX for many reasons, but at the top of the list is safety,” Toomey said. “Safety is a way of life for both railroaders and the military. Thanks to extensive training, veterans are aware of health and safety protocols both for themselves and the welfare of others. Individually, they represent a drug-free workforce that is cognizant of maintaining personal health and fitness. On a company level, their awareness and conscientiousness translate into protection of employees, property, and materials.”

He also said there are many reasons for veterans to feel at home at CSX, including leadership skills, teamwork, diversity and inclusion, and integrity. “The military trains people to lead by example as well as through direction, delegation, motivation, and inspiration,” Toomey said. “CSX views every employee as a leader. Veterans understand how genuine teamwork grows out of a responsibility to one’s colleagues. Veterans have learned to work side by side with individuals regardless of race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background, religion, and economic status, as well as mental, physical, and attitudinal capabilities. Veterans know what it means to do an honest day’s work. CSX takes advantage of the military track record of integrity, often including security clearances. This integrity translates into qualities of sincerity and trustworthiness.”

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