The veteran talent pool is a great source of candidates who have security clearances. Our own database of job seekers at www.recruitmilitary.com has almost exactly 160,000 men and women who have either active or expired clearances. That number represents about 40% of all registrants in the database.

I recently searched the database by type of clearance. I have listed the results below. The totals sum to well over 160,000 because job seekers may select more than one type of clearance.


Type                       Active                     Active

                                                                or Expired

Secret                    33,922                   89,583

Top Secret             4,314                      17,676

Top Secret/SCI      7,326                      22,343

ISSA                        62                           331

Q-DOE                    96                           408

L-DOE                     70                           466

Polygraph              1,067                      3,747


“Top Secret/SCI” means that an individual has a Top Secret Clearance and is cleared to access what is known as sensitive compartmentalized information (SCI). This access is granted on a need-to-know basis. “ISSA” stands for Industrial Security Staff Approval. “Q-DOE” and “L-DOE” are clearances granted by the United States Department of Energy. “Polygraph” means that the individual has passed a polygraph exam.

We would be pleased to elaborate on any of the information in this article and to provide other breakdowns of our database of registered job seekers who have military backgrounds. Just contact your RecruitMilitary Account Executive—or me.


Larry Slagel is Senior Vice President of Opportunity Expos and Professional Services at RecruitMilitary and a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Contact him at 513-683-5020 or larry@recruitmilitary.com.

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