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We Energies provides electric service to customers in portions of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The company also serves natural gas customers in Wisconsin and steam customers in downtown Milwaukee. “We Energies” is the trade name of Wisconsin Electric Power Company and Wisconsin Gas LLC, both principal utility subsidiaries of Wisconsin Energy Corporation.

As of December 2010, the company had nearly 2.2 million accounts; almost 2 million of them  were residential customers. We Energies currently oversees 45,420 miles of electric distribution lines and 353 substations. In addition, it oversees 20,155 miles of gas main and 16 miles of high/low pressure steam piping.

Most of We Energies’ electricity comes from four coal-fueled power plants, natural-gas-fueled Port Washington Generating Station in Port Washington, Wisconsin, and the Point Beach Nuclear Generating Station north of Manitowoc, Wisconsin (now owned and operated by NextEra Energy Resources). We Energies also operates natural-gas-fueled peaking plants, which produce electricity during periods of peak demand, several hydroelectric dams on rivers in northeast Wisconsin, and various renewable energy sources, including wind and biomass facilities.

“Veterans are such a great source of experiences and education,” said. Mary Remondini, the Manager for Workforce Diversity and Employment. “We’ve found such great people who have come out of the military, and we try hard to keep them.”

One of the things that Remondini believes veterans like about working for We Energies is that they know they won’t have to relocate as they did in the military. “We have opportunities to stay in the Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula of Michigan,” she said. “That lets people put down some roots, something that a lot of veterans seem to covet. There are opportunities to advance, but nobody has to be wondering where they will be living in a few years.”

Remondini said the leadership at We Energies has been impressed with the skills and competencies that veterans bring to the table. She noted their ability to deal with stress as well as their maturity and smart decision-making. “We realized early on that veterans have more to offer than just their operational and mechanical experience,” she said.

Remondini said that while most of We Energies’ positions are of a technical and operational nature, they also have needs in finance, logistics, and IT. “Engineering is our biggest need,” she said. “But new jobs are opening up all the time.”

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