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We Can Produce Your Major Recruiting Events  |

By Jasen WIlliams  |  vice president of agency relations at RecruitMilitary and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps  |

Published in the November/December 2010  issue of print Search & Employ®  |

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Second Annual Veterans Hiring/Job Fair was a great success. Nearly 1,500 veterans, transitioning military, and military spouses attended, and 12 units of DHS exhibited at the event, which took place on Saturday, September 25, 2010, at Virginia Beach Convention Center. RecruitMilitary produced the event, and I am pleased to have served as RecruitMilitary’s lead POC.

We provided a complete array of production, candidate marketing, and research services—and what we did for the Hiring/Job Fair, we can do for your organization’s major recruiting events.

     On the production side, we provided:

  • Venue – We found venues in the geographical area desired by our client; screened those venues for capacity, availability, and rates; and negotiated and closed on a well-regarded, high-profile venue.
  • Facilities – We arranged for a main exhibition room; two interview areas; a computer room with Internet access for more than 20 computers; a room for processing several hundred workshop attendees throughout the day; a candidate waiting/preparation area with a plasma TV and DVD; and an exhibitor lounge.
  • Personnel – Five onsite registration-desk attendees were active throughout the day. Five laborers helped with table setup and teardown.
  • Signage – We produced and placed throughout the venue signage for parking as well as general information signage.
  • Amenities – RecruitMilitary personnel provided coffee and water for exhibitors throughout the day.
  • Printing – We produced, printed, and delivered candidate check-in forms, main exhibition room maps, and handouts describing the DHS components, DHS Directorates, and other, external, exhibitors.
  • Online forms – We produced and posted an exhibitor registration form and a candidate registration form. We produced and delivered welcome letters containing venue and shipping information.

On the candidate marketing side, we invited via email candidates in our database at; sent reminder emails to registered candidates; bought print and online advertising space in The Virginian-Pilot, the region’s major metropolitan daily; published an article about the Hiring/Job Fair in September/October 2010 Search & Employ®; publicized the event on Facebook and Twitter; and utilized our relationships within the military communities to get the word out.

On the research side, we incorporated questions to candidates in the online registration form and the on-site candidate check-in form. We asked how the candidates heard about the event, and asked them for demographic and job-preference data. We also conducted online post-event surveys of exhibitors and candidates.

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