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If you used any electronic communications device during a military mission, chances are it was a Rockwell Collins product; 70 percent of U.S. military communications are transmitted via Rockwell Collins products. Familiar devices include the handheld GPS unit called DAGR (Defense Advanced GPS Receiver) and the ARC-210 radio. Rockwell Collins is a Fortune 500 company organized into three divisions: Government Systems, Commercial Systems, and International and Service Solutions. The company spans more than 27 countries and has 20,000 employees.

Bobby Sturgell, senior vice president, Washington Operations, did a lot of communicating from the cockpit while he was in the Navy. He joined Rockwell Collins in April 2009. “My responsibilities include developing and implementing the company’s governmental, regulatory, legislative, and industrial affairs strategies, and maintaining relationships with Congressional members, staff, and other administration officials,” Sturgell said. “Before joining Rockwell Collins, I served as acting administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), overseeing the regulation of commercial and private aviation in the United States. I currently serve as the executive sponsor for our Military and Employee Veterans Network.”

Sturgell said there are many opportunities for veterans at the company. “Rockwell Collins hires skill sets ranging from business development managers to customer support engineers,” he said. “Our largest needs are generally in engineering. We hire engineers of almost every discipline including but not limited to electrical, customer support, mechanical systems, and software. Rockwell Collins employs prior servicemen and servicewomen at every level of the organization all the way up to our president, chairman, and CEO Clay Jones, a former Air Force fighter pilot. Our experience with hiring veterans has been that they bring a unique set of skills, attitude, and experience to our company.”

Sturgell said that persistence is key when landing a job at Rockwell Collins. “It can often take several applications before you find the right match with Rockwell Collins,” he said. “Additionally, package your resume in a manner that makes it easy for a non-military person to decipher. People that have not been in the military often have a tough time translating military skills and experience into the private sector. Do the legwork for them and your chances of landing the perfect job will increase tenfold.”



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