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Source Refrigeration & HVAC, Inc., designs, installs, services, and optimizes refrigeration and HVAC systems throughout the United States; its corporate office is in Anaheim. In 2007, Source began attending military job fairs to recruit veterans. Based on the recruiters’ success and the value the veterans contributed to the company’s field service teams, Source decided to make veteran recruiting a priority for 2013. With its new hiring initiative, the company provides qualified men and women transitioning from the military a five-week paid training program consisting of classroom and on-the-job training.

Source believes that veterans make great employees because of their focus, commitment, and discipline, and the skill set they acquired while on active duty. Matching the skills developed in the military with the right industry opportunity increases a veteran’s motivation to grow and contribute. The company has seen that skills developed in the military are easily transferable to many of the skills required at Source, and its training builds on those skills.

Source is a good fit for veterans because of its skills requirements, its organizational structure, and its opportunities for development. The members of field teams must have a strong mechanical aptitude and good communication skills. Source has seen time and time again that veterans fill the bill.

Transitioning military will find much that is familiar in Source’s chain of command. The company ranks field employees on a scale based on eight levels of technical skill. The employees have the opportunity to move up as they develop their skills; and the company has promoted technicians to positions of authority.

Fred Stockert, a former staff sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, is setting the example at Source. He spent nearly six years in the Marines, operating as a work center supervisor responsible for the facilities and support equipment of a squadron.

Stockert is currently Source’s regional director of construction, managing construction operations in California.

A “sense of team” is one reason servicemembers enjoy working at Source, according to Stockert. “Source Refrigeration is a great place for veterans not only because of the transferable skills, but also because of the strong sense of camaraderie within the organization,” he said. “Field employees work within a small team to accomplish tasks and meet customer needs. Our teams provide unparalleled friendship, support, and brotherhood that can be difficult to find in the civilian sector.”

Stockert said that Source puts veterans on a fast training track. “This model was developed to simulate what the veteran experienced when transitioning from an MOS or boot camp to a military school,” he said. “Our goal is to fast track the veteran into a highly productive technician by capitalizing on his or her character, experiences, and skills gained from the military.”



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