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Published in the March/April  2011  issue of print Search & Employ® 

U.S. Lawns provides commercial customers with custom-designed landscape maintenance services. The company was founded in Orlando in 1986 and now offers it services through more than 200 locally owned franchise offices in over 30 states. In 1996, U.S. Lawns aligned with ValleyCrest Companies, adding the resources of a 60-year-old parent organization with company-wide sales of more than $1 billion.

Brandon Moxam was hired by U.S. Lawns in April of 2007 as a franchise recruiter. He was promoted to director of franchise recruiting in 2009. “In short, I am responsible for overseeing the recruitment of new franchisees into our franchise system,” Moxam said. Before joining U.S. Lawns, Moxam spent time in the publishing/advertising and banking industries.”

The U.S. Lawns training program covers best practices,  routing and scheduling, horticulture (the art and science of raising plants), agronomics (the science of land management and distribution), and customer acquisition, so even those who don’t know Bermuda from fescue grass can “hit the lawn mowing.” The training begins with six days of on-site, start-up training at the company’s corporate training center in Orlando.

“We are currently seeking qualified franchise candidates in markets all across the United States,” said Moxam. “We have a strong need for franchise locations in the Midwest and West.”

He said more and more veterans are becoming U.S. Lawns franchisees. “We currently have over 20 locations owned and operated by veterans,” said Moxam. “In the last year alone, six veterans purchased and started U.S. Lawns franchises. It has been an extremely positive experience for us, and we are excited about the opportunity to work with more veterans moving forward.”

There are many reasons why veterans are successful U.S. Lawns franchisees. “Veterans make great franchisees because of their leadership skills, discipline, and ability to execute,” Moxam said. “They are familiar working within a proven system, which is intricate to their success in operating a franchise business.”

Following a plan is the key. “Many of the skills veterans developed in the military work well with our franchise opportunity,” he said. “Building a successful U.S. Lawns franchise is all about communicating with customers and employees, executing a plan, and building strong work teams to perform the service.  There is a great sense of pride and camaraderie within our organization, which we believe veterans can embrace.”

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