Confidence Is Key For Veteran Franchisee Harry Crane

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Harry Crane an experienced veteran who knows everything it takes to succeed. He decided to be a Mac Tools franchisee after leaving the Army and Army National Guard as a staff sergeant. That was 18 years ago.

“The military is a whole lot different now than it was back then, but the values remain the same,” Crane said. “Soldiers coming out today have the same discipline that they taught us back then. They taught us how to walk, how to talk. They taught us to have pride in our appearance. I never had creases in my clothes before I joined the Army, but I still have creases in my clothes today.”

But the most important thing the Army taught Crane – something that has helped him be the top franchisee in his region six times and always the top franchisee in his district – is confidence. “The backbone of the military is the noncommissioned officers,” he said. “They must have confidence in what they do, and they teach that confidence to everybody else. In this business, if you don’t have confidence, it will chew you up and spit you out. This is not the business for you if you don’t have confidence in yourself and your products.”

Crane has been so successful with Mac Tools that he was one of the earliest franchisees to be awarded a second franchise – and he is the only distributor to have three franchises. His franchisees are located in central Arkansas.

“I think that Mac Tools is the best across the board,” Crane said. “They’ve always treated me well, provided me with what I need, and have been very fair as far as ethical issues. They do an excellent job taking care of us. It’s great to know that, even though I am working for myself, I have the backing of a large company that wants me to succeed.”

Mac Tools’ confidence in him has allowed Crane to take the chances that have led to his success. “Any venture is risky,” he said. “Especially when it’s your money on the line – and if you don’t make the right decisions, things could fail. But Mac Tools made sure I had what I needed to succeed. They set me up for success.”

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