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WESCO International, Inc., is a publicly traded Fortune 500 holding company that is constantly seeking experienced talent to fill a range of positions. The company distributes electrical, data communications, and MRO (maintenance, repair, and operating) products; partners with electrical contractors on major construction projects; and provides supply chain management and logistic services. The company’s 2012 annual sales were approximately $6.6 billion.

WESCO employs about 9,000 people, maintains relationships with more than 18,000 suppliers, and serves over 65,000 customers worldwide. Customers include commercial and industrial businesses, contractors, government agencies, institutions, telecommunications providers, and utilities. The company operates nine fully automated distribution centers and approximately 475 full-service branches in North America and international markets. WESCO is headquartered in Pittsburgh.

More and more often, the company has been turning to veterans to provide the skill sets in demand in its warehouses and offices. WESCO needs veterans’ expertise in material handling, logistics, operations, process implementation, project management, personnel motivation, and leadership.


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