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The mission: ferry a high-level individual from a base of operations to an airstrip outside of town,  while maintaining operational security that allows “the package” to slip through the night undetected, unharmed, and quietly. The mission requires the finesse and skill of a switched-on, squared-away team. And it’s a scenario that plays out every day – in the chauffeured transportation industry.

“I could tell you who our clients are…if I wanted to go out of business,” jokes Robert Alexander, founder and CEO of RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation, one of the largest fleets of sedans, SUV’s, limousines, buses, and vans in the DC area. “Many of our day-to-day clients are people you see in the news every day, who run major businesses or investment houses, or operate in the political arena.” It’s a demanding clientele that requires confidentiality and the very best drivers.

Alexander said that the industry is a great fit for people with military backgrounds. He likes to see veteran job applicants, and those applicants automatically move to the top of the list for review. “Veterans tend to be mission-oriented individuals who are organized, honorable, and accustomed to interacting successfully with all types of people,” he said. “Like many other Washington Metro Area businesses and organizations, RMA wants to give back to military veterans who have sacrificed so much following a decade of war.”

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