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Since 1997, PlaneTechs has supported commercial and government aerospace and ground maintenance employers. The company has partnered with prime contractors, manufacturers, and MRO’s (maintenance, repair, and overhaul organizations) nationwide. The company employs thousands of skilled aviation technicians, delivering them in any option required – i.e., temp, temp-to-perm, direct-to-perm).

PlaneTechs is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TrueBlue, Inc., a provider of blue-collar staffing. TrueBlue topped Forbes’ 2012 “Most Trustworthy Companies” list.

PlaneTechs’ centralized recruiting operation works around the clock.  A workforce of about 1,400 daily serves more than 80 clients in 60-plus locations. In 2011, Planetechs hired more than 3,500 skilled contract employees, and contract employees worked more than 3.5 million hours.

PlaneTechs recruits and employs certified, licensed specialists, including airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanics, avionics and electrical technicians, engineers, fuel cell specialists, machinists, nondestructive testing (NDT) specialists, ground mechanics, and heavy and light wheeled mechanics.

PlaneTechs has a dedicated DOD team led by two veterans with more than 40 years active duty experience and considerable experience in recruiting and employing veterans. The company offers veterans many employment options, ranging from contract work stateside and overseas to permanent placement, training opportunities, DOD work, aircraft manufacturing, MRO, and working on military and civilian aircraft. Most of the skills learned in advanced individual training and military on-the-job training are directly transferable to maintaining civilian aircraft and convert directly to working on DOD aircraft.

Eric Charsky, Recruiting Manager, DOD and government services for Planetechs, served in both the Navy and the Army. In the sea service, he was an aviation maintenance controller; in the Army, he was a sergeant whose main responsibilities included communications. Now, he focuses on recruiting operations for the DOD and government services division as well as supporting the sales, MRO, manufacturing and ground support teams.

Charsky believes PlaneTechs is an ideal landing place after a military career. “PlaneTechs is a great place for veterans to work because their skills transfer directly to our jobs or lend themselves to a very rapid direct transfer,” he said. “And if training is needed on different aircraft, the process is quicker. Daily we perform the same trades and skills learned in the military – air frame, power plants/APU, aviation electrical/avionics, inspectors, daily maintenance, heavy inspections, modifications, and repair rework.”

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