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LTI Trucking Services, Inc., is a transportation company and third-party logistics provider based in St. Louis. The company hauls temperature-controlled freight for many Fortune 500 shippers. The freight usually consists of candy, ice cream, and other food items; and ships predominately in the Midwest, with occasional lanes to the South/Northeast and West Coast. LTI is a $40 million a year company and employs about 275 personnel, 225 of whom are professional drivers.

LTI is always looking to fill driver positions. The firm has participated in numerous veteran job fairs and stays well connected with government agencies and non-governmental organizations to extend  opportunities to servicemembers returning home.

LTI says that skills taught in the armed services – such as critical thinking, discipline, and work ethic – are exemplified when behind the wheel of a truck; and  that veterans make a top-tier transportation workforce. Truck driving is a regimented industry that takes commitment and offers the satisfaction of actually seeing the service being provided.

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This article was written by Jay Myers