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AutoNation is America’s largest automotive dealership, with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and 260 new vehicle franchises selling 32 brands in 15 states. It is by far the nation’s largest automotive retailer in scale, sales, and revenue. Since the company’s inception more than 10 years ago, it has sold over 8 million vehicles. Its revenue for 2011 was $13.8 billion on the sale of nearly 400,000 new and used vehicles. And 4 million car and truck owners chose AutoNation dealerships for their service work in 2011.

The company has over 20,000 associates. Fortune magazine named AutoNation America’s Most Admired Automotive Retailer 6 times in the last 10 years.

AutoNation encourages veterans with experience in the service and maintenance of motor vehicles and related technical skills to apply. Veterans who do not have those specific capabilities often have other skill sets that make them equally attractive recruits. The company has an ongoing need for sales personnel who are comfortable working within a structured environment, self-motivated, and goal-oriented. The company also has opportunities for people with finance, accounting, and office-management capabilities.

The AutoNation team includes veterans from all branches of military service. Veterans find that the company’s operational structure and commitment to a set of standard procedures meshes readily with their service experience. An organization as large and geographically diverse as AutoNation requires a high degree of consistent performance. The company has developed an explicit set of expectations and deliverables that can be met by associates who can operate successfully in such a structured environment.

In addition, the company encourages its personnel to engage with coworkers to develop solutions to add efficiency and improve workflow. Associates who can learn multiple responsibilities and master the way they relate to each other will find opportunities for advancement. Many of AutoNation’s team members have advanced from entry-level positions to local, regional, and national management roles.

Jason Mosley, a former staff sergeant in the Army, is one such associate. In the Army, his main responsibilities were motor vehicle maintenance, including HumVee maintenance. He is now the general manager of Champion Ford in Katy, Texas.

Mosley is happy to recommend AutoNation to veterans transitioning to civilian life. “AutoNation needs people with mechanical skills, and the company is organized in a way that should feel very natural and comfortable to former military,” he said. “Like the Army, AutoNation is all about process and procedures.”

As for applying to work at AutoNation, Mosley said it is important to stand apart. “I recommend that you mention any technical experience you may have, and show that it addresses the specifics of the position you’re applying for,” he said. “But don’t shy away from the less tangible things, too – leadership, training, accountability. All of it can help you stand apart from all the other job seekers. Make sure to do your research about the opportunity, have your facts together, and be prepared to explain why you offer a set of skills that can be of benefit to the AutoNation team. That’s what we’re looking for – team players who can complement the people we already have on staff and add depth to that team.”


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