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Crown Equipment Corporation is a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of industrial lift trucks. A company-owned branch network called Crown Lift Trucks sells and services the products worldwide. Crown was founded in 1945, and is headquartered in New Bremen, Ohio. The company has several plants in western Ohio, and manufacturing locations in Indiana, North Carolina, Germany, Mexico, Australia, and China.

Opportunities are available in a wide variety of career specialties, including manufacturing, engineering and design, sales and marketing, service, information technology, and corporate support. Manufacturing opportunities range from assembly, welding, and machining to a wide variety of professional positions. Crown’s retail branch network includes more than 55 locations in the United States, where there are opportunities in sales, service, management, and administration.

Crown Equipment Corporation has had great success hiring veterans, many of whom have taken on leadership roles within the organization. The company values veterans’ high level of leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills – and feels that veterans are a good match for its guiding principles of  leadership, integrity, and accountability.

The company has a dedicated education center that focuses on both technical and leadership training. Crown also has a tuition reimbursement program that enables employees to develop new skills and competencies.

“Crown proudly recruits servicemen and women as part of an effective overall recruiting strategy. The work ethic, technical, and leadership skills these individuals possess really do position them well for success at Crown,” said Pete Falk, the company’s director of personnel.

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