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San Diego police officers work in California’s second largest city, with more than 1 million residents. The San Diego Police Department (SDPD) is hiring between 600 and 800 police officers to be split among four academies a year during the next five years. All newly hired police officers will go through a six-month police academy and then start in patrol. After a successful completion of their probationary status as patrol officers, they may apply for a wide variety of specialty positions, including investigations (detective). The SDPD currently has more than 1,800 police officers.

The SDPD regularly hires veterans for the position of police officer. There are already hundreds of veterans in the SDPD; the department has placed a veteran into every academy class dating back 20 years. The SDPD values the public service and discipline the military instills. A veteran will find the camaraderie of a police squad to be similar to that of the military, but the department’s wide latitude in self-directed work will challenge veterans in ways the military does not.

Veterans have reached the highest commanding officer rank available through the promotional process, moving up from police officer to detective to sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and assistant chief. The chief is appointed by the mayor.

The SDPD will hire veterans, pay for them to attend the police academy, and give them continuous updated training throughout their careers. There are numerous pay increases for the various jobs, including training officer, SWAT, K-9, police motors, detective, and helicopter observer.

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