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G4S is an international security group, with more than 50,000 employees and over 100 offices across the United States. The company focuses on the safety and security of businesses and governments, ensuring the security of key assets—people, property, products, and reputation. G4S provides solutions for government institutions, nuclear power plants, petrochemical facilities, ports, airports, higher education institutions, and businesses.

The company offers opportunities for growth in many different directions. Employees who started in entry-level positions have moved up to manage large regions, while helping others do the same. Eligible candidates at G4S go through a training program in company orientation, sales, project and office management, client relations, and personnel management to prepare for management positions.

G4S believes that veterans have the right training and attitude to succeed in the security business. In many cases, their skills translate perfectly to the services G4S provides its clients.

The company’s relationship with the U.S. military is both valued and nurtured at G4S. For example, the company assisted the Navy by participating in a review of the basic training curriculum for the Master-at-Arms (MA) rating. This program provides comprehensive training to individuals in security and law-enforcement roles in the Navy and prepares them for transfer to such roles in the civilian sector. G4S is also a sponsor for the Master-at-Arms rating through the U.S. Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP).

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