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UnitedHealth Group serves more than 75 million people worldwide. Its family of companies provides healthcare management, consulting, and specialty services. The family consists of six businesses — UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual, UnitedHealth care Medicare & Retirement, UnitedHealthcare Community & State, OptumHealth, OptumInsight, and OptumRx. UnitedHealth Group employs roughly 80,000 people, including thousands of nurses, physicians, social workers, and other care providers.

More doctors and hospitals contract with UnitedHealth Group than with any other healthcare company. It partners with about 700,000 physicians and other care providers, 5,200 hospitals, and 66,000 pharmacies in all 50 states. It touches nearly every aspect of healthcare delivery and financing. UnitedHealth Group provides health benefit plans for individuals, small- and mid-sized businesses, and large national and multi-national corporations. It is the largest healthcare organization delivering health insurance benefits and services for beneficiaries of Medicaid and other public healthcare programs. The company purchases more than $120 billion in healthcare per year for its customers, and processes more than 800 million claims. The organization operates the only major chartered, dedicated healthcare bank, servicing 2 million consumer healthcare accounts.

The company’s veteran recruits bring a broad range of valuable personal and professional experience to the company’s businesses. UnitedHealth Group finds that veterans can adapt to change, lead teams and initiatives, and collaborate in a matrix environment. They are committed to project completion and success, and their attributes align with the company’s values – integrity, compassion, good relationships, innovation, and performance. The company is so interested in bringing in more veteran employees that it has a military skills translator in the careers portion of its website to help veterans find where they would best fit in.


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