Veteran Employee Story – Wes Reel

Waste Management  |  An Opportunity Too Good to “Waste”  |

Published in the May/June 2011 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

Wes Reel is Waste Management’s military recruiting and outreach coordinator. He is also a former naval aviator and a veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Reel completed two deployments aboard the USS John F. Kennedy and served as a maintenance officer in Naval Air Station Jacksonville’s Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department. He ended his time in the Navy as Aide to Commander, Helicopter Wings Atlantic.

After his military service, Reel worked for 14 years in the military placement industry, helping steer military men and women into civilian careers. For the last year or so, he has been driving military candidates and people with disabilities to join the ranks of WM in one of the company’s 1,000+ job openings. Reel also leads the company’s Business Resource Group called the Military Veteran Professional Network.

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This article was written by Jay Myers