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Tony Willingham, a supervisor for We Energies and former staff sergeant in the Air Force, credits the military with providing him the training and experience to keep him calm in potentially tense situations. “The military gave me that,” Willingham said. “It taught me to remain calm and to think out things before I act. It also taught me how to deal with attitudes from different people and how to get the best out of those people. Leadership was also one of the other big things I developed in the military; so is discipline. All of those things have helped me succeed in the civilian world.”

Willingham said that is important because he is in an industry where making the right decisions – often under pressure – is critical. “We were expected (in the Air Force) to do what we were supposed to do every time,” he said. “We were not expected to take short cuts. If we did, it could cost somebody their lives. I still operate the same way.”

Willingham is overseeing a project costing approximately $800 million to upgrade four existing generating units at a coal-fueled power plant. This huge capital investment will upgrade the efficiency and air emissions for the plant.

Willingham said he is glad to have the opportunity to work on such important projects. He also likes the fact that We Energies cares about its employees. “They really take care of their people,” he said. “This is a family-friendly company that finds the right people, gives them the right jobs, and then keeps them here.”

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This article was written by Jay Myers