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Published in the September/October 2011 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

Tom McDonald, Director, Regulatory Affairs for McKesson U.S. Pharmaceutical, spent four years in the Marine Corps before joining McKesson. He started work at the McKesson Anaheim Distribution Center as a truck loader, order filling on the night shift, inventory control, serving as an in-house janitor and controlled substance order processing. He continued to move up through the company ranks and in 2006 he became the director of regulatory affairs for McKesson Medical-Surgical.

“I am currently involved with veterans support through the McKesson Military Resource Group as board chair of the West Region Chapter. I celebrated my 22nd anniversary with McKesson on March 1,” he said.

McDonald credits his military career for getting a head start on the rest of his life. He served in the supply and logistics field which gave him some job diversity since logistics are involved with most units in the military. “My service changed me dramatically, giving me great motivation and confidence as well as a lifelong pride and a common thread with which most veterans can relate,” he noted.

He thinks veterans are valuable in many ways. “We respect the code of behavior—discipline and dedication, grace under pressure, the pride and loyalty veterans show every day,” McDonald said. “Whether helping a customer or creating lifesaving technology, veterans have the skills that help McKesson deliver better healthcare to millions of patients.”

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