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Steven Stephenson is Chief of Security at the Rivers Correctional Institution in Winton, North Carolina, a facility of The GEO Group, Inc. He began with GEO in 2001 as Special Investigative Supervisor, was promoted to Assistant Chief of Security in 2005, and three years later was named Chief of Security. His career started with a stint in the Army in 1989 and included deployment to Iraq for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

One of the reasons Stephenson believes veterans are a good fit for the correctional industry is that they never back down from a challenge. “In the positive direction that GEO is headed with growth and exciting challenges, I feel that vets will step up and meet that challenge head on,” he said. “One thing is for sure, give us the mission and we will accomplish the task.”

He believes his military time was the perfect stepping stone for a career at GEO. “I performed security-related jobs in the military,” he said. “We protected objects and people. Here at GEO, depending on the capacity in which you are assigned, we perform that same type function. We ensure that inmates are protected, secure, and housed properly. We adhere to the industry standards for maintaining weapon competency on an annual basis. Also, we are trained in unarmed self-defense and taught the proper way to defend yourself if you were attacked by an offender.”

Stephenson definitely believes that GEO is a great place for veterans. “The correctional industry is a very secure industry,” he said. “Once separated from the military, a job as a correctional professional is a great career to pursue. Corrections is an industry that will always be here. If you do what is expected of you, this is great profession.”

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