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Published in the January/February 2012 issue of print Search & Employ®  | 

Serving in four campaigns in six years, Ryan Abbott earned his stripes as a soldier. Now, as a civilian, he realizes that his time in uniform was well spent. Abbott is deputy program manager for staffing the IT side of the house in the Intelligence Solutions Division of Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc.

Abbott planned on going into police work after leaving the military, but his first plan didn’t work out. So he headed into a brief career in construction, and then into recruiting. “I was lucky enough and grateful to find a few interim jobs until a friend of mine who worked for Sotera showed my resume to the company’s recruiting/hiring manager,” he said. “The company sponsored me for my clearance, and I started as an intelligence analyst a few months later.”

Abbott said that it takes dedication to land a career after leaving the military. “My advice is to get your resume out to as many job boards, people, and companies as possible,” he said. “Entertain every offer, and go to every interview. Try to go to as many career fairs as you possibly can, especially the ones that are veteran-specific. Employers already understand that they have assets coming to them. But I cannot emphasize enough the need to be persistent.”

That same strategy will likely pay off for those veterans who want to work at Sotera. “The reality is that Sotera wants to hire great people with great talent,” Abbott said. “Sotera is such a great organization that has so many options, whether you have a background in management, Intel, IT, engineering, etc. My advice is to visit our website, and come to our job fairs, reach out and touch bases with our recruiters. Just stay persistent. We always have something new around the corner.”

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This article was written by Jay Myers