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Published in the July/August 2012 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

Roy Bustos served in the Army where he was a 36K20 Communications Sergeant. His responsibilities were to take care of his squad, ensure that communication systems were repaired and maintained, and see that communications between battalions were always running. He is now a truck driver trainer at C.R. England.

Bustos started at C.R. England in 1990, and has spent 17 as a driver trainer. In 2011, the company selected him as Trainer of the Year for the company, and he reached his 3-million-mile mark for distance on the road in April.

C.R. England is headquartered in Salt Lake City, and it provides service throughout North America. The company has five CDL schools located across the nation, more than 4,600 drivers, and over 1,300 support personnel for its non-driver support staff.

In the Army, Bustos strengthened his discipline, character, and concern for others. He enjoyed his time in the Army and encourages others to do the same, saying that, if you learn as much as you can about leadership, discipline, and a good work ethic, the military can give you a great start on life. His advice to all veterans is to put your training, skills and discipline to work when you leave the military. There are opportunities out there, he said, all you have to do is stick to it.


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This article was written by Jay Myers