Veteran Employee Story – Richard Eichele

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Published in the November/December 2010 issue of print Search & Employ®  | 

Richard Eichele, an Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) with ITT’s Electronic Systems and Defense sector, used to deal with computer networks as an Information Systems technician in the Navy. Now, he works on network projects that involve military personnel.

“My career started with the information systems and communications sectors while serving in the Navy,” he said. “The increased demand for security with networked global systems ushered me into the information security world.”

His military experience paved the way for Eichele’s success.  “My  experience in the military was as an Information Systems technician, or an IT rating,” he said. “This rating gave me experience with a variety of RF and Computer Network Communication Equipment. I served for three years onboard a fast combat support ship, the USNS Arctic, as a network administrator and lead ISSO within the IT rating. After three years, I was honorably discharged as an Information Systems Technician Third class and was picked up by the Individual Ready Reserves.”

One reason Eichele joined ITT was to continue to serve his country. “ITT is a global company operating in several market divisions,” he said. “The center I work in is the Electronic Systems and Defense Sector. We develop systems that protect our uniformed men and women in the field, and provide them with the tools to complete their mission safely and effectively, which include jamming and communication technologies.”


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This article was written by Jay Myers