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Published in the January/February 2011 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

Peter Glantzis, a lead associate with Booz Allen Hamilton, started at the company nearly eight years ago. Prior to that, he was a combat engineer in the Army and separated from the service in 2003. He expected to go straight to graduate school after leaving the military, but Booz Allen Hamilton caught his attention first. “When I realized what a great firm Booz Allen was, and the fact that they would help pay for school, I jumped at the chance to join the team,” Glantzis said.

His experience in the military has helped Glantzis, but not just because he already knew the Army’s acronyms and other service-specific idioms. “In consulting you are often faced with a problem that is not well-structured,” he said. “As a leader in the military, a lot of the problems I faced weren’t well-structured, either. We were given a mission and told to do it, sometimes without a lot of direction. We had to take that hazy problem and add structure to it to solve it.”

One of the reasons Glantzis enjoys working at Booz Allen Hamilton is that he feels like he can have a bigger impact on making the U.S. military stronger. “As a consultant, you get to dive deep into challenges and focus on them,” he said. “In the military you might only get a quick glance at a problem, but not have a chance to make an impact because it wasn’t in your mission. But now I can focus on that challenge and leave the situation much better than we found it.”

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This article was written by Jay Myers