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Published in the January/February 2013 issue of print Search & Employ® 

Larry Kraus is the Florida Highway Patrol’s liaison to the interagency threat assessment and coordination group at the National Counterterrorism Center. He is the sergeant within FHP’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations and Intelligence who handles counterterrorism as it relates to state and local first responders. Kraus graduated from the FHP Academy in 2001. Before he joined the FHP he served in the Navy, separating as a petty officer third class.

He said the similarity in the structures of the Navy and the FHP helped him make the transition from sea service to highway patrol. “The military in general assisted me in my transition to become a state trooper,” he said. “The discipline and the structure helped with the transition from military life to civilian life.”

Much of what Kraus learned in the military helps him in his current role. “The military provided me with a strong work ethic, the ability to lead others, accountability, and a strong sense of responsibility,” he said.

Kraus said that both the military and FHP are like family. “Members of the military come from all walks of life,” he said. “You learn diversity and how to become a member of a team, which later helped me in police work. In the military, you become a family, and law enforcement is similar because we consider our fellow troopers to be brothers and sisters.”

Kraus said that opportunities abound at the FHP. “The FHP is a paramilitary organization, and the men and women are well disciplined,” he said. “They must be self-sufficient and reliable. The FHP is a great organization, and a large number of our troopers are veterans.”

He suggests that servicemembers take advantage of what the military offers to ease the transition to the non-military workforce. “I would tell people to take advantage of leadership, career development, and training opportunities,” he said. “I would tell veterans to learn skills such as resume writing and interviewing – civilian employers rely heavily on resumes and interviews for position placement and selection.”

Before veterans dive headfirst into a career at the FHP, Kraus suggests talking to someone who has put on the state trooper uniform. “Veterans should speak to a recruiter with the FHP to gain a better understanding of what state troopers do on a regular basis,” he said. “They also should have an understanding of the overall mission of the FHP. Knowing the roles and responsibilities of the organization is important to ensure the Florida Highway Patrol is a proper fit.”

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