Veteran Employee Story – Kenneth Green

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Published in the November/December 2011 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

Kenneth Green works for Accenture in Dallas as an Infrastructure Outsourcing Transition Manager. He has more than 30 years of military service and retired in September as an Air Force major.

“Accenture is a great organization for veterans because it offers an opportunity to apply the training and skills they have obtained in the military,” Green said. “Accenture is proactive about reaching out to veterans to understand how their military experience translates into the various positions and roles that Accenture has to offer.”

Figuring out how military experience can be applied to the business community is key, according to Green. “I recommend that veterans spend time understanding and documenting how their military experience translates into the corporate business world, especially management and leadership,” he said. “Attend job fairs and conferences, and ask for a military representative for any company the veteran is interested in joining. Continue to network through associations, friends and family members.”


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This article was written by Jay Myers