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Community relations officer Joe Jones thinks that servicemembers make a great fit at the San Diego Police Department. Jones was in the Marine Corps for four years and also served in the Army National Guard.

“It is my firm belief that the skills and unique qualities possessed by our beloved servicemen and servicewomen directly align with the San Diego Police Department’s vision of an ideal, well-rounded applicant,” he said. “Applicants with prior military service are distinguishable from others, as they tend to hold pride in the appearance of their uniforms, they maintain a sense of bearing under stressful conditions, and their overall professional character gains the respect of their peers and supervisors.”

Jones also believes that the good judgment of veterans serves them well in police work. “As I mention these few characteristics, it is important I explain how vitally important they relate to a career in law enforcement, especially within a diverse community such as San Diego,” he said. “On a day-to-day basis, San Diego officers are expected to make balanced decisions that reflect good judgment, integrity, and impartiality. This balance is vitally important in effectively responding to the needs of the diverse communities we serve. Military service men and women understand this perspective; in fact, it’s instilled in them early in their careers.”

When Jones was getting ready to leave the Marine Corps, he wanted to take his skills to another level. “Prior to my active-duty separation, I wanted to ensure I had a career that I knew I would enjoy doing for years to come,” he said. “In my view, I provided four years of honorable and faithful service to my country, so I was ready to take my work experience to another level by serving my community with the same passion. “

Jones said that servicemembers who are considering positions in law enforcement should work hard to maintain a high level of physical fitness. “Fitness is a major component of the expectations of the SDPD Backgrounds and Recruiting Unit,” he said. “Poor physical fitness can result in injuries within the police academy and hinder a candidate’s graduation potential. Additionally, poor physical fitness can be a major officer safety issue that places other officers in a dangerous situation. Physical fitness is paramount.”

One of the many things that Jones appreciates about where he works is the department’s financial support of education. “The department values education, and so it provides $1,000 tuition reimbursement per fiscal year,” he said. “Also, applicants are able to apply for scholarship grants from the San Diego County Law Enforcement Foundation. I am a 2012 scholarship recipient of $5,500, which has assisted me in financing my graduate education at UC Irvine.”

Jones also appreciates the opportunities he gets to be part of the community. “Currently, I am a community relations officer for the Southeastern Division of my department,” he said. “I am responsible for attending community council meetings, implementing innovative ideas for crime prevention, educating residents with crime preventive tips, and collaborating with city council members to improve the quality of life for residents within my service area. The department is huge on community empowerment through a police/community partnership.”

Jones is such a big fan of the department that he has offered to let anyone interested in learning more contact him at jonesja@pd.sandiego.gov.

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This article was written by Jay Myers