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Joe Carter, a former petty officer 2nd class in the Navy, serves as a maintenance supervisor – general factory – at Verallia North America. He was a fire control technician in the Navy. At Verallia, he determines schedules, sequences, and assignments for work activities. These are based on work priority, quantity of equipment, and skill of personnel. He also monitors employees’ work levels, reviews work performance, and keeps an eye on tool and part inventories and the condition and maintenance of shops. Verallia, based in Muncie, Indiana, designs, develops, and produces bottles and jars for the wine, beer, beverage, spirits, and food container markets.

Carter isn’t shy about giving credit for his civilian success to what he accomplished in his military career. “My technical training in electronics played an important role in helping me land my first civilian job,” he said.

But it wasn’t just the training he received in the Navy that has benefited him in the civilian world. “I was exposed to many cultures; accepting and working with the differing cultures and backgrounds was the spearhead in how to deal with diversity in all aspects of life, both personal and professional,” Carter said.

Learning at every opportunity and keeping up with technology is important, he said. “Pursue as much advanced education as possible,” Carter said. “Try not to limit yourself in career paths, study different fields, and find common denominators that will allow a person to qualify for numerous positions. Stay up to date with technology. With the background the military will provide you, matched with changing technology, you will become a highly sought-after asset.”

Carter’s advice for servicemembers looking for work in the civilian world includes getting help and doing a lot of research. For example, professional recruiters can help servicemembers evaluate their military experience and convert their military qualifications to qualifications for civilian positions. “Utilize the technology to assist in searching for opportunities,” Carter said. “Research the positions you may be considering, reflect on how to apply your military training, be patient and persistent.”

He believes that veterans will find a home at his company. “Verallia is a great company for veterans because it offers excellent training, a strong chain of command, and a solid future,” Carter said. “Also, numerous opportunities exist for advancement and development.”


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This article was written by Jay Myers