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Published in the September/October 2012 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

Jim Pinion, formerly a senior chief electronics technician in the Navy, recently joined Johnson & Johnson Vision Care as operations engineering supervisor. Vision Care is the manufacturer of ACUVUE® brand disposable contact lenses. Its global headquarters and its research and development facilities are located in Jacksonville.

Pinion said that taking advantage of what the military offers – while still in the military – has helped him find success in the civilian sector. He also credits getting involved in quality assurance, making use of educational opportunities (he earned his MBA while still on active duty), taking advantage of the resume-writing services offered by the Fleet and Family Program, and building up his savings to have a financial cushion to live on while looking for work.

Pinion cited a few examples of skills he learned in the military that translate directly to civilian jobs: blueprint reading, safety and risk management, leadership by example, and critical thinking. And he noted that “a strong work ethic, good personal skills, and an understanding of the value of diversity will help you anywhere you go.”

Pinion believes that Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is a great place for veterans to find civilian careers because of their attitude toward ethics. “The service teaches a way of life that embraces core values,” he said. “If a company has a strong sense of ethics and social responsibility, the transition is seamless.”

He recommends that servicemembers look for job fairs where they can get face-to-face with recruiters instead of being sorted by a computerized resume scanner. “Also, get help to de-militarize your resume,” Pinion said. “I even got someone outside of the military to review my resume, because when people in the military looked at it, they already knew what most of the stuff was. That non-military person didn’t understand it all, and that helped me know what I needed to change or simplify.”

Face time and not giving up were also important for landing a job at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. “Getting to a military job fair put me face-to-face with the people I’d be working with, and I think that was a big help,” Pinion said. “I got to meet the people that would be reviewing the resumes, so then they had a face to go with the resume. Of course, I would also add: apply for the job and keep applying. Don’t get discouraged – you will find a great fit if you just keep looking.”

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This article was written by Jay Myers