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Fred Stockert, a former staff sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, is setting the example at Source Refrigeration & HVAC, Inc.. He spent nearly six years in the Marines, operating as a work center supervisor responsible for the facilities and support equipment of a squadron. He managed the maintenance of more than a thousand items, including generators, air conditioners, and mobile containers. He also planned and implemented the movement of troops and equipment aboard ship and in country.

Stockert is currently Source’s regional director of construction, managing construction operations in California. He started working for Source in 2003. The company designs, installs, services, and optimizes HVAC systems throughout the United States; its corporate offices are in Anaheim.

Among Stockert’s accomplishments have been  creating the first all-natural refrigeration grocery store in the United States and building a relationship with the Transitioning Veteran Program at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California

“The technical training that I received as a Marine was a strong base that helped prepare me for my first civilian job as a technician for Source Refrigeration,” he said. “I had the ability to take ownership of my work, which led me to opportunities to move up quickly in the organization. Because of my strong work ethic and training from the military, I became a branch manager within three years and a regional director within five years of starting my career at Source.”

He also cited his ability to handle stress. “The experiences I gained in the Corps that called upon me to perform tough and challenging missions have been very helpful in managing stress on the job in the civilian sector,” he said. “Even in high-stress situations, I am able to focus on what my team needs to get done and accomplish the challenges I face. I attribute my skills in handling stress to my training and experiences in the military. I also learned excellent time management skills as a Marine, and am able to transfer those skills to my job by directing people and materials in a timely manner.”

He said that servicemembers need to keep an open mind when they start to consider post-military careers. “My advice is to keep your options open and not to close yourself off from the different possibilities in front of you,” he said. “Don’t be afraid of the challenges that are coming. Listen and investigate in order to choose the best path for you.”

Stockert encourages veterans to consider Source Refrigeration as a place for a new career – and to do their research. “I recommend that you first identify a role within the organization that you feel comfortable with,” he said. “After that, research the position and apply. Be sure to keep in contact with the recruiter to pursue an interview.”

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This article was written by Jay Myers