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Francis Braucci is a sergeant who spent 15 years in the Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard. His main responsibilities in the military were with a military police unit. He is now a professional driver with LTI Trucking Services, Inc., delivering freight with time commitments for a dedicated shipping account. He has been with the company since 2011.

LTI is a transportation company and third-party logistics provider based in St. Louis. The company hauls temperature-controlled freight, which usually consists of candy, ice cream, and other food items;

Braucci believes his military experience sets him apart from those without such experience. “A lot of companies are eager to hire veterans, and I feel like I had leg up on others because of the skills that I had learned and the services I’ve provided,” he said. “Not only did it help me find an actual position, but the skills I learned gave me a leg up when I interviewed for other positions.”

He learned to handle any situation in the military – and that learning that has paid off at work. “I’ve been able to learn coping skills and an ability to analyze and focus on different situations that are at hand,” he said. “I was taught to get various tasks done with a degree of heightened focus – that’s helped me a lot.”

Braucci also learned how to deal with people from all walks of life while in the military. “In the military, you work with people from different parts of the country and globe and have to interact and adjust with all different personalities,” he explained. “When working with different drivers, dispatchers, and shippers, I’ve been able to work with those people effectively because of my military service.”

LTI seems like a good fit for Braucci. “This is my sixth trucking company, and I have been treated very well and I don’t have any complaints,” he said. “All companies have ins-and-outs, but LTI is good as any other company in some ways – and much better than many companies in other ways.”

As for those servicemembers who are taking a look at a civilian future, Braucci said you can never start planning too early. “If people are still in military and know that they’ll be returning home soon, I’d recommend that they start thinking six months out about what their next step will be,” he said. “If you plan your next move, then once you get back to civilian life you can hit the ground running.”

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