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Published in the September/October 2012 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

Dominic Dimino is a senior analyst, business process, for T-Mobile’s Direct to Customer group. He is a former Army combat medic who supported efforts following Hurricane Katrina and also logged an 18-month tour in Afghanistan.

A friend told him great things about T-Mobile and he applied. He understands that the skills he acquired in the military played a big role in getting him the job. “Being dependable, calm under pressure, and confidently spoken are all traits I acquired in the military,” Dimino said. “The attitude and way of life is what my boss knew they could expect of someone from the military – and was the reason I have a job here today. My ability to stay calm under pressure is most definitely the most valuable skill I developed in the military. I am responsible for processes our reps use on a regular basis, and my ability to keep calm when there is chaos is paramount.”

He likes the fact that T-Mobile goes above and beyond in supporting the military. “T-Mobile has a volunteer-based program that supports veterans who are looking for employment as well as support for those currently employed,” Dimino said. “The group helps to support those deployed and their families, regardless of country served. The leadership here has been a tremendous support of our veterans as well.”

According to Dimino, it’s important for servicemembers to use their time in the military to prepare for their careers after they leave the service. “I encourage others to make use of the education programs within the military so when they get out there are more options available,” he said. “Also, look to add a new MOS – satellite, IT, etc. – that can be used later for general employment. “

Some employers are looking for employees with the right traits, knowing they can absorb the training once they are in the job. “Employers are searching for a ‘golden’ employee,” Dimino said. “They can train them on the details. Be that ‘golden’ employee. Be dependable, honest, confident, and calm under pressure. These are traits the military helps instill, and we should play to those strengths. Demonstrate value in your interactions. Be honest with your knowledge.”

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This article was written by Jay Myers