Veteran Employee Story – Cynthia Carpenter

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)  |  Continue to Keep Your Country Safe at the NRC, Part 1  |

Published in the May/June 2011 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

“This is a fabulous agency,” said Cynthia Carpenter, deputy director, Office of Federal and State Materials and Environmental Management Programs at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). “Everybody here is focused on our mission. The staff who works here at the NRC is made up of top-notch people with a wide variety of skill sets.”

Carpenter has worked in various capacities at the NRC for 24 years. She has done inspection work, licensing, rulemaking, and budgeting. She is currently the NRC’s “veterans’ champion,” at the forefront of helping to recruit and retain veterans for the organization.

Carpenter served in the Army Reserve before entering the civilian workforce. After being in the second class of women in an ROTC unit, she joined the Reserve as part of the Corps of Engineers.

“The people I served with during my time in the military and the people I’ve worked with since that were in the military were just outstanding,” Carpenter noted. “They were incredible when it came to safety focus and were dedicated to their mission. Veterans have that sense of purpose that drives them; they have direction and a strong work ethic. They have a proven commitment to the national interest, and that’s just one reason we want them to work for the NRC. We serve the same mission of keeping our country safe.”

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