Veteran Employee Story – Brett Miller

Advanced Technology Services, Inc.

Fix the Machines, No Matter What

Published in the November/December 2011 issue of print Search & Employ®

Brett Miller, a staff sergeant in the Air National Guard, believes that service members will go that extra mile for the right job. He’s been with Advanced Technology Services, Inc., for seven years, starting at the computer desk and progressing up the ladder until he reached his current position as the IT Team Lead over the Break/Fix group.

“The core values at ATS align with what we learn in the military, and the work ethic is the same here,” he said. “Plus, there is a huge emphasis on training employees at the company and promoting them into higher positions when they are ready. Veterans will find the same kind of camaraderie they experienced in the military.”

Miller remains impressed with how the company handles deployments of its reservist employees. He’s had one four-and-a-half month deployment to Iraq and several stateside deployments.

“They understand all the extra things that happen when we deploy,” he said. “It isn’t just the time we’re gone, it’s also all the time we have to spend getting ready and winding down when we get back. ATS understands that and also makes sure things are okay at home and will help the spouse when possible. When the service member returns the company holds a ‘welcome home’ ceremony. It’s impressive, and probably a big reason we have so many employees here with prior military experience.”


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This article was written by Jay Myers