Veteran Employee Story – Bob Mayhew

The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS)

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Published in the March/April 2012 issue of print Search & Employ®

Bob Mayhew is a branch chief in the National Security Agency’s Office of Recruitment, which is responsible for the management and administration of all plans, policies, and programs associated with external recruitment for new employees and the management of all student programs for the NSA. He served in the Navy for 30 years before retiring as a cryptologic technician administrative master chief in 2003. “When I retired, I worked for a contractor supporting recruiting efforts of the NSA before I was hired by the NSA in December 2004,” he said. “I was a hired as a recruiter. I recruited applicants for field sites around the world. I am responsible for 10 recruiters, ensuring we hire the best qualified applicants.”

Mayhew’s Navy career made him a natural fit at the NSA. “My military career was always supporting cryptology, so the NSA was a logical place for me to work,” he said. “The military provides the opportunity to serve your country. The NSA also provides the opportunity to serve your country; what more could you ask for?”

Checking out the Transition Assistant Program (TAP) offerings is important for any servicemember leaving the military, according to Mayhew. “I would strongly recommend separating/retiring military members attend a TAP class at or near their command about a year before separating or retiring,” he said. “TAP addresses virtually every aspect of career transition, including counseling on benefits and entitlements, job search assistance, interviewing skills, how to write resumes, and family transition skills.”

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This article was written by Jay Myers