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Benjamin Asawa is an employee of Solar Turbines Incorporated who spent five years in the Marine Corps before separating as a sergeant. In the Corps, he was a KC-130 flight mechanic. At Solar, he is a staff manufacturing engineer responsible for turbine assembly. He joined the company in 2011.

Products manufactured by Solar Turbines Incorporated are at work worldwide. The products include gas turbine engines, gas compressors, gas turbine-powered compressor sets, mechanical-drive packages, and generator sets. The company is headquartered in San Diego and is a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc.

Asawa said that his military experience set him up for a successful transition. “The skill set and work ethic that I developed made my transition into the civilian sector very easy,” he said. “I believe that a combination of education and military experience made me more attractive to employers than someone with only a degree. Since I had experience working on turbine engines from my time in the Marine Corps, I was able to use these experiences to troubleshoot potential problems and create assembly instructions that make sense to the mechanics that use them.”

Asawa believes that Solar is a great place for veterans to work, and that veterans should never sell themselves short. “The high standard of quality and the career opportunities at Solar Turbines create a great environment for a veteran. If you continue to be confident about the skills that you obtained and the work ethic that you have, the right employer will recognize that,” said Asawa. “Teamwork is also important. The military has taught me to be professional in all of the things I do – and   that teamwork is the most important part of getting things accomplished.”

As for working at Solar, Asawa said that veterans should look at all the options. “One of the reasons that Solar Turbines is a great place to work is the fact that you can work your way up through the company easier than at most other places,” he said. “Knowing this, I applied to every position that I felt that I was qualified for in order to increase my chances of gaining employment here.”


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