Veteran Employee Story – Ann Stroud

Ann Stroud, Director, Proposals – TRICARE – for Express Scripts, Inc., owes some of her civilian career success to a government decision that she didn’t think was so great at the time. “I was a graduate of West Point, and from there joined the Army field artillery,” she said. “But in 1990, Congress took a look at women in combat and decided that field artillery was not a place for us. So I moved over to the acquisition corps as a contracting officer.”

She spent 21 years in the Army before retiring as a lieutenant colonel. She stayed at home to raise a family, but eventually she wanted to return to work. “I got my resume together and was picked up by a temp agency after six months,” she said. “My government contracting skills that I learned after leaving artillery made the difference, so that decision (about women in combat) ended up changing my life in a positive way and led me to Express Scripts.”

“The Army’s core values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage fit perfectly into what I do here,” she said.

Stroud said that veterans will find Express Scripts to be a place that challenges them—and a place that feels familiar. “Veterans will want to come to Express Scripts because it aligns with what they’ve done in the past,” she said. “Everything that we do here embraces respect and teamwork. There’s a real sense of mission. When you add that to the dedicated employees we have here, it’s a natural fit.”

About the Author

This article was written by Jay Myers