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Published in the January/February 2013 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

Officer First Class Andrew Spears serves in the department and is a member of the Delaware Air National Guard. In the Guard, he is a master sergeant who functions as a C-130 Load Master. His responsibilities in the police department include routine patrol of assigned areas, traffic control, accident response and investigation, pursuit and apprehension of felons, and assistance in investigations of major crimes.

Spears said his exposure in the military to people from different walks of life and with different life experiences helped broaden his outlook. He said that military experience can also help people focus on what they want to spend their lives doing.

He advises servicemembers to take advantage of every training opportunity, including both military classes and college courses. He said that it is important in this tough job market to look for any advantage, and additional education and training can be the extra experience that vaults an applicant to the top.

He said that men and women leaving the military and looking for civilian employment in law enforcement should continue to look for more training opportunities, and they should begin to network with people they have met both in and out of the military. He recommends contacting local Veterans Affairs offices, attending job fairs, and using employment assistance. Spears also encourages veterans to maintain their grooming standards, because having a good appearance will help them land the position they want. Also, maintain military bearing and command presence – qualities that are valuable in both the police department and the community.

To land a position with the department, Spears recommends that veterans list all of their training and experience on their resumes. He added that participating in a department “ride along” show that the applicant is actively researching the department and its mission.


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