Great Lakes Truck Driving School – Veterans Enter With A Plan to Succeed

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Published in the July/August 2013 issue of print Search & Employ®  | 

Great Lakes Truck Driving School offers eight training programs in truck driving, heavy equipment operation, and oilfield safety. The school is headquartered in Columbia Station, Ohio, southwest of Cleveland, and serves students from all over the country. The school trains about 400 students each year, and it has a placement rate of more than 80 percent.

The school has found that new student-veterans enter with a plan that they are prepared to carry out right away. They are driven, excited, and ready to succeed in their training and in their new career. They are disciplined and know how to listen. They view their training as a good opportunity, they take pride in their accomplishments, and they do not back away from a challenge.

One reason veterans enjoy the atmosphere at Great Lakes Truck Driving School is that a third of the instructors are also veterans. Those instructors can understand other veterans’ needs and mindsets, and relate to their experiences. In addition, the school has three veteran certifying officials who have completed special training and are knowledgeable about veteran benefits.

Most of the hiring companies with which Great Lakes Truck Driving School works also have a preference for veteran employees. Many of them offer special programs for former servicemembers.

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