Tips for Job-Seeking Veterans from an OEF-Afghanistan Veteran Who’s Been There


Gordon Green is a U.S Army veteran who served in OEF – Afghanistan from 2011-2013. Gordon currently works for RecruitMilitary as a Military Veteran Recruiting Consultant.

I want to thank you for the taking the time to read this and more importantly thank you for your service. The civilian job market can be very challenging for retired and transitioning veterans. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on the right path.

Make a Plan.

  • In which role do you see yourself in your next career?
  • Which companies do you see yourself working for? Do you have experience with GSA Contractors that you enjoyed working with? Start there.
  • Write your Mission Statement and set a timeline for where you see your career in the next 1, 5, 10 years. Truly define your goals.

Get Networked.

  • After identifying where you want to work, used LinkedIn to establish working relationships with Talent Acquisition Directors and Recruiters.
  • Ask for Help.
    • Recruiters get pitches all the time from hopeful candidates. Asking for their help will increase the likelihood of a response.

Identify the Decision Makers.

  • Who in your network knows the HR teams, Recruiters, Global talent managers? Get the intro and tell them how they can help you.
  • Once you have an introduction, you’ll need your 15-60 second elevator pitch well groomed and ready to go!

Brush up the Ol’ Resume.

  • Your Mil-Spec resume with nomenclature, MOS’s, strategic titles and training does not always translate in the eyes of recruiters.
  • Seeking out a trusted, reputable resume writing service that specializes in translating military resumes to civilian terms pays off in dividends.
  • Show your value to potential employers. What makes you such a great asset to their team? They’ll want to know, show them on your resume.
  • Add a cover letter, make it concise and personalized to the decision maker in the company.
    • Kudos for congratulating them on their recent success or a contract they have won. Doing preemptive research can win you the job!

Brand yourself as the “Expert.”

  • Write articles that show your specialization and offer good information that may help your prospective employer’s business.
  • Start a blog. Blogs can be very useful in branding yourself, and showing off your expertise.
  • Pull from your military knowledge and show how they apply to current business struggles.


In the end, you will succeed if you make a plan. It may not end how you expected, but the process and the results are part of the journey. Don’t forget to get your resume and profile built on and look through the 500,000+ career opportunities we have!


OEF – Afghanistan 2011-2012

OEF - Afghanistan 2011-2012

OEF – Afghanistan 2011-2012

Cincinnati RecruitMilitary Job Fair for Veterans, 2013

Cincinnati RecruitMilitary Job Fair for Veterans, 2013


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