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Advancing your education will give you a head start when looking for a post-military career.

                The phrase “knowledge is power” might be overused in the worlds of media and academia, but that’s only because it’s true. Those who have the knowledge and education more often than not find success in this world. It shouldn’t shock anybody that while the recent recession hit everybody in one way or another, those without college degrees tended to be hit the hardest. Education, at the very least, can often serve as a shield against economic adversity.

But education can also be the driver on our road to success. Sometimes education comes from on-the-job training and independent study, but more and more employers are looking for college degrees when it comes to hiring for open positions. That’s especially true now that there are more ways than ever to earn a college degree. The traditional college campus with ivy-covered buildings and Frisbee on the quad is just one of those ways. However, as the non-traditional student population increases, colleges have learned to adapt. More and more classes are being offered online and at night so that people who work day jobs can further their education at their own pace.

It’s hard to put a dollar value on education. But, at the very least, earning a degree beyond high school widens one’s range of career opportunities and chances for advancement. Many of the jobs that didn’t require a college degree before the recent recession now have that stipulation, and many jobs that once only needed a bachelor’s degree are now requiring a master’s degree. Companies can now afford to be pickier when it comes to hiring, and they’re seeking the best, brightest, and most educated.

The traditional college experience isn’t for everyone. Plus, some people aren’t ready for college right after they leave high school. Furthermore, every college isn’t for every student. Whether it’s pursuing a certification online or going back to get your bachelor’s or graduate degree after retiring from the military, there is a college out there that is a fit for everyone.

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This article was written by Jay Myers