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Konecranes manufactures and services overhead lifting equipment and other lifting devices, with over 100 service branches in North and South America. The company serves customers in manufacturing and process industries; and shipyards, ports, and terminals. The company has been in business for more than 80 years, and in 2011 had 11,700 employees at 609 locations in 47 countries.

Konecranes has many career opportunities. The company is always looking for sales representatives, overhead crane technicians, and certified overhead crane inspectors across the United States. Konecranes is constantly recruiting for veterans and has hired many of them.

Working with colleagues toward a common goal helps Konecranes succeed,according to Mark Cherkitz, a service supervisor and a Navy veteran. “Everyone in the military is there for one purpose, to defend and protect the United States of America,” said Cherkitz.  “One common goal – with everyone moving towards it as a team. The mentality of Konecranes is the same. Every employee is a member of the same family with one common goal in mind. ‘OneKonecranes’ is not a slogan, but a way of life.”

He encourages veterans to stick to their game plans when seeking employment at Konecranes. “One thing that transitioning members should know is that the process for getting into Konecranes may seem like a long one, but Konecranes wants the best people for the best company,” Cherkitz said. “Don’t be discouraged. Go online and check all of the available openings throughout the country and send in your info. Check with the local branches in your area. Get to know who the upper management team members are and get on their radar. Persistence is the key, but the reward is great. Konecranes values greatly the veterans working for them today and highly encourages military members be a part of the Konecranes family.”


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