Tell Job Candidates about Your Veterans’ Success Stories

As regular readers of Search & Employ® know, much of the content of the magazine consists of articles describing the work experiences of men and women who obtained civilian jobs after leaving active duty.  Other articles discuss the experiences of specific veterans who have into business for themselves as franchisees, and still others describe how certain veterans enhanced their employability by enhancing their education.

We invite certain employers, franchisors, and educational institutions to submit material for our articles. Our staff writer then compiles the material and writes the articles.

In the past, we have decided what kinds of companies and agencies to invite according to the industries to be featured in the next issue of the magazine – see the box in the left-hand column of this page. But we recently changed our policy regarding article invitations. We are now inviting organizations to submit material at any time of year – regardless of which industries are to be featured in the next issue. We are also inviting many more organizations to submit material.

  • Along with the invitation, we send the invitees a form on which they can type out their text. The form asks for certain kinds of information:
  • Organization Overview – “organization” meaning employer, franchisor, or educational institution
  • Your Organization and Veterans
  • Experiences of a Veteran in Your Organization – Identification
  • Experiences of a Veteran in Your Organization – The Veteran’s Story

The form also specifies numbers of characters for the various sections, asks for photos, and asks which of its URL’s the organization would like to appear in the article.

If your organization would like to submit material for an article, send an inquiry to Sarah Canteel, production manager of Search & Employ®, at

About the Author

This article was written by Jay Myers