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Leveraging its heritage of life insurance and asset management expertise, Prudential focuses on helping individual and institutional customers grow and protect their wealth. Prudential Financial companies include The Prudential Insurance Company of America, one of the largest life insurance companies in the U.S., with $750 billion in assets, and 42,000 employees in 37 countries.

Toni McDaniel serves as the director of diversity recruitment for the staffing organization. She said that Prudential is specifically looking for veterans to fill its ranks. “Prudential has done very well with hiring veterans,” she said. “This year we hired over 100 veterans across the company. We have created relationships with various veteran organizations to share job opportunities, and attend many veteran career fairs throughout the year to target military personnel.”

The reasons that Prudential values veterans are simple. “Prudential values the training, leadership, adaptability, teamwork, respect for diversity and procedures as well as the integrity of those who have served in the military. Their skills transfer well into the critical areas we need to continue to grow and prosper,” she said.

But Prudential likes to take the extra step when it comes to veterans, and recently created a veterans employee business resource group called VETnet. The organization supports the military veteran’s viewpoint, provides a vehicle for sharing common issues, and fosters the professional development of employees.

McDaniel noted that there is lots of opportunity at Prudential. “We are looking for people from a wide range of backgrounds, including insurance, investments, financial analysis, accounting, and customer service,” she said.

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