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Verallia North America, the second-largest glass container manufacturer in the United States, designs, develops, and produces bottles and jars for the wine, beer, beverage, spirits, and food container markets. Headquartered in Muncie, Indiana, the company operates 13 plants across the country, as well as two sales offices and a distribution center.

Verallia has an industrial presence in 14 countries, a commercial presence in 47 countries, and 6 research and innovation centers. In 2011, Verallia North America had sales of approximately $1.5 billion and about 4,400 employees. Globally, Verallia had net sales exceeding $4.5 billion and about 15,500 employees.

Verallia is the glass packaging brand of Saint-Gobain, a multinational corporation based in France. The company’s roots in glassmaking tradition date back more than 300 years in Europe and back to 1842 in the United States.

Currently, Verallia has opportunities in all areas of manufacturing and operations. The company has a strong focus on hiring technical degreed individuals at the manufacturing sites. It currently employs hundreds of veterans and will continue its efforts to recruit more.

The company believes the military is a tremendously empowering place for many men and women because it often instills confidence, teamwork, and integrity – qualifications crucial for any growing organization. Verallia would like to hire more veterans because they are punctual, hard-working, dependable team players, trained to learn new skills quickly and to apply them in any situation. In addition, veteran employees are good leaders who are highly dedicated and motivated.

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