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Share Job Postings, Invite a Friend to Our Job Board  |  New Free Features for Job Seekers from RecruitMilitary  |

By Sarah Canteel Small  |  production manager of Search & Employ®, senior account coordinator at RecruitMilitary, and the daughter of a colonel in the United States Army Reserve  |

Published in the September/October 2012 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

We have added two features to our job board at to make job hunting an experience you can share – literally! – with your fellow veterans. With a click of a button, you can spread the word via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook about a great job posting you found; and you can invite a friend to register at and conduct his or her own job searches.

Our job board is free to men and women who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life, veterans who already have civilian work experience, members of the National Guard and reserves, and military spouses and other family members.

When you register as a job seeker at, we create an account that you can use to search jobs posted there. If you have not yet registered, I urge you to do so. Then come back to this article, and let’s get started on the new features!

Finding a Good Fit

After you log into your account, you can start your job search from the dashboard page or from the job search page. The job search page can be accessed by clicking “Job Search” along the dark gray toolbar at the top of the dashboard page. Don’t miss the “Keyword Search Tips” link located below the Keywords search box. The tips may help you describe the type of job that appeals to you.

After you enter keywords and obtain search results, use the filters on the left-hand side of the job search results page to narrow the results and bring yourself one step closer to finding a great job opportunity.

Sharing a Job Posting

When you find a job that you think would be a good fit for a military buddy, you can now send the job posting his or her way. In the right-hand column of the job posting, you will see an interactive map showing the job location. Below the map will be a “Share this Job” box you can use to share the job on LinkedIn, post the job on Facebook, share it on Twitter, or forward it to a friend.

If you chose to share the job via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, you will need to log into your account there. To share the job with one friend in particular, click “Forward this job to a friend,” then type your friend’s email address into the white box that appears. You can also add a personal message to wish the friend good luck! Your friend will receive an email saying you thought he or she might be interested in the position and containing a link for viewing more information on the posting.

You can share as many great jobs as you think might interest your fellow veterans. So, as you search for jobs for yourself, keep your buddies in mind!

Invite a Friend to the Board

Think is a great resource for your civilian career? Well, don’t keep it to yourself! The next time you log into your account on, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see a green link to “Invite a friend to RecruitMilitary Job Board.” When you click on the link, you will be prompted to input your friend’s name and email address, along with a personalized message from you. When you click “Send,” we will email the invitation, urging the friend to create his or her own account and begin searching for jobs.

Other Reasons to Register

When you register at, you can also help yourself further by filling out the entire profile form and posting a resume on the site. Recruiters working for employers, franchisors, and educational institutions are constantly searching the database of registered jobseekers – and so are our own recruiters who are working to fill job orders given to us by employers.

If you remain active on our site, you will also receive The VetTen, a monthly electronic newsletter loaded with job notices and other opportunities, and containing a link to an online copy of the current issue of Search & Employ®. You will also receive invitations to attend the RecruitMilitary Veteran Opportunity Expos in your region. Our Expos are job fairs that are enhanced to include franchisors and educational institutions, as well as employers.

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