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With products ranging from bath tissue to Dixie® cups, from office papers to corrugated boxes, and from lumber to plywood and gypsum wallboard, Georgia-Pacific has grown tremendously in the 85 years since its beginnings in Augusta, Georgia. The company manufactures tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, building products, and related chemicals; and employs approximately 40,000 people at about 300 facilities in North America, South America, and Europe. Georgia-Pacific is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, and is headquartered in Atlanta.

The company’s opportunities for veterans are in the disciplines of engineering, environmental, health and safety, reliability, and first-line production supervision. The company also has professional openings in financial analysis and accounting, product marketing, procurement, and transportation/logistics.

Georgia-Pacific has been pleased with the talents and dedication to excellence in the veterans it has hired. The discipline, accountability and respect developed in military careers are keys to successful integration into the company.

Bonnie Schwartz, a general manager in the company’s lumber business – and  a former captain in the Unites States Air Force - believes Georgia-Pacific is an ideal place for veterans to work. “At Georgia-Pacific and Koch Industries, we look for candidates who have high integrity, values, and beliefs that support long-term value creation for society achieved in a legal and ethical manner, and who can work with others in a fast-paced, collaborative environment,” she said. “The military teaches its members that the individual is not more important than the team, and our company expects its employees to demonstrate a high customer focus, seek and share knowledge, embrace change, exercise humility, and show respect and sensitivity to others to enable all employees to perform to their highest potential. As with the military’s diverse assignments, our company provides a wealth of opportunities based upon demonstrated performance and ability to create long-term value. The military provides opportunities and challenge for its members, and our company does as well. As with the military, it is not just a job, it’s a fulfilling career.”

As for landing a position at Georgia-Pacific, Schwartz recommends doing a lot of research. “Learn as much as possible about our company and management philosophy – Market Based Management,” she said. “Look at the opportunities available, and apply for as many as might be a match with your skills as knowledge.”

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