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Let’s face it, networking is one of the greatest advantages you can leverage in your job search. Veterans hire veterans, and who knows you better than your brothers and sisters in arms? Maximize every opportunity to connect with those you know and trust. (TWS) – the largest online military community for U.S. vets to reconnect with former comrades – is bringing together thousands of veterans every day. With 1.3 million members from all five branches of service, veterans are able to find one another through TWS’s searchable military locator and form meaningful connections – which lead to reunions, networking, and opportunity for its members.

Impress employers with a professional presentation of your military service.

Presentation is key, too.  TWS helps you present your entire military career in a fully illustrated format that gives your resume a competitive advantage against the rest. TWS members agree, the TWS format is the most powerful presentation available on the web to showcase a visual history of service from boot camp to retirement, including all occupational specialties, training schools, languages spoken, duty stations, combat operations, medal ribbons (arranged as-worn), achievement awards and badges. With one click, you can show future employers your entire military experience, where you’ve been and what you know, in the most compelling and comprehensive way possible.

Find everything you need, all in one place.

TWS is proud to be a trusted partner and friend of RecruitMilitary and take part in connecting great jobs with men and women transitioning from active duty to civilian life or veterans looking for a new career. That’s why TWS has provided seamless access to the same Recruit Military job boards on our site. Log onto TWS and search for jobs in exactly the same way as you would via Recruit Military—by location and keyword—and apply directly from the TWS platform as you leverage your TWS network. When job seeking, time is of the essence. With TWS, find the resources, network, and updated listings you need, all in one place.

Don’t miss any opportunity to maximize the connections you already have. Join today and combine the networking of TWS with the force of RecruitMilitary’s job opportunities and resources.

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